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Will J.

This is absolutely the most exceptional experience I have ever had dealing with any type of medical business. The staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Lacy Stice meets you on a personal level instead of just feeling like another number. Trust me when I say this “ don’t go anywhere else.

Pamela P.

Yes, I highly recommend, Dr Lacy has changed my life....

She can help you have a better quality life too, if you give her a chance...

Learn how to live your life pain free....

Sarah S.

Dr. Lacy is very knowledgeable about both spinal health and digestive health. It is great to talk with someone who really wants to look at the whole picture and figure what really is the cause & effect relationship of the current symptoms at hand.

Kathy D.

Dr. Stice is wonderful. 3 months ago my pain level was anywhere from a 4 up to 8. Now I can walk better and my head doesn't feel like a 100lb bowling ball sitting on my neck. Thank you Dr. Stice, you rock!

Cindy A.

Dr. Lacy is awesome! She focuses on whole body health not just adjustments. So if you are looking to live a healthier life and get the most functionality out of your body Elevation is the place for you.

When I first started seeing Dr. Lacy in September I weighed 23 more pounds than I do now. I haven't made a lot of changes in my nutrition, but my appetite and stress levels are very low. I'm just not eating all the time. I have also noticed my body processes food much 

better, and I now have a point where I want to stop eating. Before I would eat until I was miserable.

The main reason I began seeing Dr. Lacy was not my weight though. I was more the pain I was having in my knee from an injury, and it had been a year and a half since my surgery. With the wellness plan Dr. Lacy prescribed my knee pain is gone and postural adjustments are all I am receiving now. She only adjusted my knee 3 times in 3 months. No more pain in my knee.

On top of all of this success I no longer take allergy meds either. I still have some issues, but they are better everyday if I follow Dr. Lacy's advice.

Sarah S.

Dr. Lacy is very knowledgeable about both spinal health and digestive health. It is great to talk with someone who really wants to look at the whole picture and figure what really is the cause & effect relationship of the current symptoms at hand.

Glen C.

Migraine for 30 years!!! Woke up with one every morning! The adjustments with Dr. Lacy would make it go away instantly! What a blessing to feel normal. It was incredible how effective her treatment was considering it usually kept me in pain for 2 - 3 days nonstop.

Lisa P.

I admit to being very skeptical when I first came in for a consultation mainly based on prior experience with other chiropractors. I’m so happy I decided to give Dr Lacy a shot at my spine! I am experiencing improvement and pain reduction and will/have recommended her to friends.

Hannah and Elliott are awesome too

Susanna T

I am so thankful my sister encouraged me to see Dr. Lacey...she has made such a tremendous difference in my life..I no longer have to take meds for my allergies. And my spine has made a great improvement in such a short time. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life...absolutely love her

Erik G.

I am so glad that I was recommended to Dr Lacy. In a matter of weeks she corrected my spine from a car accident back when I was 17. I would hands down recommend Dr. Lacy to anybody that is in need of spine correction.

Gina F.

Dr. Lacy is amazing! She's passionate about whole body health and it shows in her interactions with her patients. She's always happy to answer any questions we have. Hannah at the front desk is great and Elliott is a great addition!

Dr. Lacy provides chiropractic care (physical adjustments based on x-rays), nutritional counseling, and just added a massage therapist to her team. She provides holistic care for long term benefits.

My 7 year old daughter had been suffering from daily stomach aches for over a year. She'd been seen by her pediatrician as well as 2 pediatric gastroenterologists and undergone everything from blood tests to an endoscopy only to be told that there was nothing physically wrong with her and they could try medications to mask the pain (none of which worked by the way). We were fortunate to find Dr. Lacy at Elevation Health. She began adjustments and suggested diet modifications to heal her gut. With her direction and support (I had constant questions which she was always happy to answer) my daughter's stomach aches had disappeared within 5 weeks.

Our whole family now sees Dr. Lacy. I highly recommend her!

Lisa W.

I was having migraines and general body aches, and clearly developing a hump in my upper back from years of sitting in at a desk. Two months into my treatment, I have no more migraines, lower stress levels, and my curvature in my back is from an 8 to a 3. Very happy to be feeling better.

Jacquelyn F.

Dr. Lacy is incredible! If you are in need of a chiropractor who cares, someone who can get an amazing adjustment, helps with a holistic health approach and can help relieve pain, this is your Doc!

Denise S.

Dr Lacey is amazing!!!! She can adjust me anytime!

Tammy E.

Today I had my first appointment here. The staff is awesome and the mascot Elliot is great. The staff was very knowledgeable and the customer service is excellent. If you need a great and caring chiropractor and staff this is where to go. Thank you Dr. La

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